Quantum Predation

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Trying to save the team has been the primary focus of Rade right from day one when he assembled the team after his retirement. The team merely escapes the fangs of death in You Are Prey and Bug Hunt, all because of its captain who keeps them united and himself vigilant. Fighting the aliens and then hunting them down has been the primary goal of the team and this is what it is hired for in the first place.

Now after the trilogy we observe a change in the team, it starts to select missions for itself and thus don’t need anyone who hire them. The author Isaac Hooke wants to make the team look more independent and vigilant in these later parts and he has remained quite successful too. Another colony appears to be under threat when the Argonauts start their space adventure. The colony all of a sudden lost all contact with the rest of the galaxy and no one knows what had happened to them.

If there was an invasion that it was so quick that no one had a chance to warn the rest present all around. Investigation could prove quite deadly no doubt about it, but then the Argonauts cannot go back on a mission. Luke Daniels’ voice tells us about another war of epic proportion that tests the courage of the squad up to the maximum level.

The story once again goes to the survival mode for the team and the people present around, the galaxy has many secrets that the writer explores fantastically. Every time it is an entirely new thing that we confront though it ends in war but in between the happenings keep us engaged.

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