The Tower of Nero


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    Rick Riordan is a prolific American author. He is a proud creator of over 20 novels that made him the bestselling author in the New York Times. He is a renowned author among children, teens, young adults, and beyond. Some of his prominent novels include The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters.

    The Tower of Nero is a children’s book and can be categorized as a folk tale or a fairy tale. The book is the 5th and last chapter of The Trials of Apollo novel series which stood as the bestselling saga in the New York Times. The narration of this children’s audiobook has been done by Robbie Daymond. He was phenomenal with his performance and his tone was suitable for such a book for children and younger audiences.

    The Tower of Nero

    The keen followers of the series eagerly awaited to get an answer that whether Apollo, the Greek God would cast down to the earth in the pathetic form of Lester Papadopoulos, a teenager or not. He had to come to ultimately regaining his spot over the Mount Olympus.

    The demigod allies of Lester in Camp Jupiter supported him to survive under the attacks planned by the murderous ghouls, who was a cruel Roman king. He had a huge army of the undead and then the lethal emperors Commodus and Caligula as well. The former god a Meg, his demigod master is supposed to follow a prophecy that was exposed by Ella the harpy. The final challenge of Lester is back in New York at the Tower of Nero.

    The Tower of Nero was the most anticipated concluding chapter of The Trials of Apollo series. It was well received by the audience who had an excellent time with the story and excellent performance given in this audiobook.

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