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Theodore Roosevelt, Book 3

The final chapter in the biography completes the trilogy as well by Edmund Morris. The writer himself seems to be a fan of Theodore Roosevelt because he has covered all the aspects of this hero’s life along with the fame that he achieved not only in his life time but after that as well.

He was one of those American heroes who had fame outside his office as well. People used to worship him during his time and they praise him even now. He visited Europe when he was a colonel and still he proved to be the most famous man of that time all over the world. The high profiled people and kings of the time wanted him in their palaces as a guest and as a friend as well.

The vision and passion of the man was the real key that made him popular among both the classes in the world. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex needed this third part because the ending was not complete in those parts and this one is a better ending to a fabulous biography.  Though the story is real and the writer was not allowed to add any sort of extra material but still the writer managed to find some humor in the real life events.

The drama of the rise in stature is described quite neatly and as there was no fall in the career of the man the climax don’t appear to be that much catchy. The whole series moves in a plain pattern with only a rise in status of the main character and no sudden disasters at all.





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    Theodore Rex



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