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    Armada is a beautiful tale from Ernest Cline. It is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel, which has everything to mesmerize its audience to the maximum. One such critical aspect is the narration of this novel, which is excellently delivered by Wil Wheaton in his strong and stern tone.

    For Zack Lightman, it is just another day of his high school. He was daydreaming through another boring Mathematics class. He was left just with a month to complete his graduation and to get his long awaited freedom. It was only possible, if he could survive that little time without getting suspended again.


    In that class, he looked out of the window and saw a flying saucer. At first, he thought he is going nuts. Just a minute after, he was sure about it. It is because, the UFO he was looking at is actually right out of the video game he plays almost every night, which was the highly famous flight simulator, known as Armada. In this game, all the gamers need is to protect the Earth from the attacking aliens.

    The other popular novels by Ernest Cline are the Ready Player One and the Armada [Portuguese Edition]. They were appreciated by critics and science fiction novel fans worldwide and for this reason, you must check them out to have an exciting literary experience with their audio version. Please note that the Portuguese Edition is a literal translation/ transcription of the subject novel into Portuguese language, where many of the fans of the author and this novel relate themselves to. On the other hand, the recommended Ready Player One is the best-selling novel of the author in his entire career.





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