Dead and Gone


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    Brief battle was noted once or twice in the series but big war is yet to start between the different races that are present in the small town. Besides her vampire adventures Sookie still works in the bar as a waitress where she first met her love. Busy in the daily chores she suddenly hears the news flash about the wereanimals. They have revealed themselves to the outside world, thus Bon Temps is in great trouble. Wereanimals don’t threaten Sookie much; it is the unhuman beings that alarm her mind.

    Unhuman beings have been there on the planet before the dawn of the vampires and werewolves and they are coming to reclaim everything that stands in their path. Danger appears in the form of this new race and whether it is humans, vampires or werewolves there is no one safe. One who saved everyone in All Together Dead and From Dead to Worse now stands in the way of the war.

    Dead and Gone

    Charlaine Harris created this multidimensional character for this particular day. Sookie 1/8th of a fairy has telepathic powers, she also has relation with vampires and her brother is a werepanther. All this lands her in the center of all the species there are in the town whether they are on the ground or beneath it.

    In Johanna Parker’s pitch we observe a heroic figure emerging that is not running away trying to protect her private life rather she has made up her mind to stay. Author is closing down to the finale and big things are now expected from Sookie who is in mode of performing some real action.


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