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    A question raised by Colleen Hoover in the Voice of Elizabeth Louise and Sebastian York, “What would you do for love?” .Then there is another issue, even when you are willing to give everything away how can one tell that the love for which you are ready to sacrifice is true. The second person if not committed could easily use you for his or her favor. It is not always truth that makes us come closer to someone; it could be the other way round.

    Lies bring us closer to people nowadays and truth make us part because it is bitter to digest. Auburn is like the girl we saw in Ugly Love and Verity, a girl who is at first living by the rule. Then a single glance on the man of her dreams makes her forget all promises made to her. Auburn was all focused to her work and profession until the day she saw Owen in Dallas art studio. She never ever in her life got carried away by the presence of a man who looks so dashing that she cannot resist the temptation.


    Owen does not prove a hard nut to crack and the two come closer within days but then the major secrets that the man was keeping start to play over. Auburn wants to skip from the scene whenever he is around but this is the toughest thing for her and she cannot concentrate in work too. Owen is ready to confess because confession brings forgiveness but not in case of humans especially if the one confessing is not confessing an error, he is confessing a sin. Love gets ugly ones again in Colleen’s works and the two neither coexist and nor apart from one another.

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