Crown of Crystal Flame

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Finale breaks all the records of the previous parts such as King of Sword and Sky and Queen of Song and Souls , the two lovers are ready to face the High Mage of Eld and also their destiny. Song about Ellysetta’s fate is about to complete in this part, first portion of the song was about love. That first part proved true when she met Rain and they unified as one forever, Rain is still with her like a dedicated lover. Then came the second part of the song in which it was clearly stated that darkness will approach her.

This second part also proved true and she along with Rain fought against the dark forces of the Eld army. Now the last part that will decide her fate approaches and the hints show that the fate needs a sacrifice. The soul mates have two options one is to fight against the High Mage and save their kingdom but during this they can lose their lives.

The other option is also open but running away is not what they like so time to select between the light and darkness and it is the selection that will seal the deal. No voice rose against the narration this time and even when the voices were raised the performance of Emily Durante was actually unobjectionable.

As far as the author C.L. Wilson is concerned it has been a work that will remain in the minds of the fans for decades to come. Love and sacrifice has been heart touching and the sensations have been so pure that it makes us forget the war all-around.

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