The Fragment of Water


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New hero is born and then is broken into segments by the author Ben Hale in the same part and now it is about the rejoining of the fragments. Draeken a being with super powers comes to the world at the end of an extraordinary war between magnificent creatures. Not only the war but along with it ended an era that was loaded with magic and secret powers. The being that comes to the world with all the super powers proves his worth for a while but then his soul separates into pieces.

During his life Draeken had five powers and now he has been divided into five fragments, each of the fragments has an individual personality and ability to exist independently in the world. Then towards the middle we again hear about the emergence of ancient creatures that have long been forgotten by the people of the land. Race of Krey wants to reclaim the world as it thinks of it as its property, for the fragments of Draeken its time to come together to save the world.

The Fragment of Water

First fragment that we get introduced to is the fragment of water that goes on a tour to far of land to investigate the matter personally. What he finds out there in the depths of darkness is a horrifying secret that must reach the people of the land before it’s too late. Nice start but without other parts like The Fragment of Shadow and The Fragment of Light this one is just a sensation.

Story can only be enjoyed if we go through all the parts because they are closely interlinked to one another. Hired as the official narrator for the series, Derek Perkins decorates it like all other of the masterpieces that he has narrated before this.


Crown of Crystal Flame

The Fragment of Shadow


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