Dead Man’s Hand

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Suspense was induced in the story from the initial parts and now George R.R. Martin and John Jos. Miller try to make it a murder mystery. Many plans were made from the side of the evil but none was executed to perfection that could bring destruction back to the land. Now for the first time there is a murder and that too of a big gun.

Queen of the Joker underworld gets killed and everyone thinks that Yeoman is behind it. People think that the archer killed the queen when she came to her restaurant i.e Crystal Palace. Yeoman on the other hand could never thought of such a thing and still he runs away from the law enforcers in order to find the culprit who has trapped him in the hideous crime.

On the same case a private investigator from the Ace is also hired to look into the matter more carefully. Path of the two men merge at the mid of the novel and they try to work together in order to dig up the truth about the case. As the two go deeper they find clues and evidence that not only amaze them but also terrify them. Fate of the Jokers and the Aces is at stake and if the case of murder is not solved quickly there would be death and fire everywhere.

The Ace and Yeoman are given individual voices in narration because the book had two narrators i.e Paul Adrian and Jay Acovone. Thus recognizing the two does not remain a problem for the listener from the beginning till the end. If seen in comparison with Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty and Aces Abroad or the rest of the four books it is entirely different. Current novel can be read separately because its story is totally different from the rest of the series that was not about murder mysteries.



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