Deception on the Set

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Franklin W. Dixon portrays a different tale all the time in the same city i.e Bayport. Many things have been happening in this little town since the team of the Hardy boys is formed in the Secret of the Red Arrow. Every mission and situation has been different for Joe and Frank but they have been able to deal with it superbly. Whether it was the case of a missing girl or a missing turtle in Shadows at Predator Reef the two just solved it in a flash.

Now a movie shoot is taking place at Bayport and it is not just an ordinary movie, it is a horror movie with zombies involved. Frank and Joe are offered the role of sidekicks in the movie which they cannot resist because this allows them to sneak behind the sets and watch everything closely. Just like other enjoyments the current situation also does not last long.

Soon accidents start taking place on the set and some of those accidents nearly took the head off of the lead cast. Frank and Joe get confused to see all this but they are shocked when everyone shows the concern that they are behind all of this. They were sneaking behind the scenes but were not there to cause accidents.

Zombie dresses are put aside as the Hardy boys take the case into their own hands and the narrator Tim Gregory’s voice becomes professional from here on.  One cast member and then the other is investigated very keenly also a few suspects are brought to light in the initial stage but the real figure just horrifies all.

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