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If you are a true fan to Chip Heath and Dan Heath than pick this book without any hesitation in the mind. These brothers have been successful in using psychology in the presentation of their own work. Whether it was the way the news are spread and kept in mind later or the discussion of the key elements to elevate a person Heath brothers have always been on the spot. Made to Stick and Switch are fine example of what the two have produced and now the previous work leads us to this.

The issue is the same that whether we should use the rational approach towards decision making or let the emotion flow out of us without any hesitation at all. Our emotions usually make us rash towards decision making and we don’t observe the troubles glued with those decisions. Outcome of emotional decisions is never suitable for the people who have high posts in their hands and have to deal with more than one person in a single day. The book not only discusses the four step process of decision making but also gives solutions to various problems in decision making.

A new narrator with little pauses in this book, Kaleo Griffith appears to be thinking before uttering. The delivery of the words is smooth but still the narrator takes a while between one part and the other. If the listener gets hold of the voice after two to three pages than there is no error of any kind whether it is the voice quality or the utterance of words, everything is clear, understandable and motivational like always.

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    Made to Stick

    Bug Hunt Argonauts, Book 1


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