Definitely Dead

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Sixth episode in the series is once again a family scene; previous two parts were also on the same pattern. Charlaine Harris talked about Sookie and her family more in Dead to the World and Dead as a Doornail, vampire world got a little chance in those parts. A wedding is taking place in the novel, Sookie was dreaming for her marriage but she is not the bride this time.

With broken heart and hidden dreams in her heart she moves New Orleans. A cousin of hers has left some property for her at his death. Hadley had some property in the town which now belongs to Sookie who is more interested in knowing the way how her cousin died. One thing is for sure for Sookie that her cousin did not die a natural death, this much she can tell without using her telepathic powers. And when she starts using telepathy she confronts bitter truth that launches her into another mission.

There is no fun this time because she is going after a murderer who has killed her cousin and she wants to know why. If it was the property that the murderer wanted then there is a high probability that Sookie would be the next victim. Forces from all side try to stop the telepathic freak from looking into the case in detail.

New town and new faces in New Orleans makes Sookie feel home sick and lonely without friends. Adventure she still gets in plenty and Johanna Parker provides a serious and gloomy tone to her through narration. From this book it appears that the author is now trying to take the series to the serious side for the final chapters.



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