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Some happy moments have come for Zoey after a very long time, the fans also wanted to see a fresh look on her face. The emptiness in her life is now gone and this is the old energetic teenage girl that all of us witnessed in the first part Marked.  She got a handsome guardian in the form of Stark in Awakened.  Now that possessive guardian is with her waking by her side toe to toe and she has started liking him too.

Neferet out there somewhere is planning for another attack but Zoey wants to put her issue in front of the High Counsel this time. If she is able to bring out the real face of Neferet in front of the Counsel things would become a lot easier for her and her friends. Speaking of friends this part brings good news for Stevie Rae as well; Rephaim is free and has been allotted a human form which means that he can stay with the love of his life.

Two new threats from the human world are causing certain issues for the House of Night here. Aurox the pretty one is actually hiding his original self from everyone and Neferet is planning to use all of this in her favor. P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast have given new powers to Zoey this time after her reemergence.

She can cure the issue with Aurox but for this she needs sometime with the boy after catching him first. Without any issue Caitlin Davies marches on with the narration making her known for the voice clarity and enthusiasm that she brings in the story.

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