Duma Key: A Novel Audiobook


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    Duma Key: A Novel By Stephen King

    The story of the novel is described in such a way that we too get motivated or mentally charged up against any difficulty that we ourselves are facing in life. The hero or the main character after a dissatisfying span in his life once again finds something useful in his life. He goes back to his strengths with which he becomes able to tackle his current weaknesses. The supernatural elements are the same as present in other stories of Stephen King, like The Dark Tower I this thing no doubt one of the trademarks of King’s writings.

    duma key by stephen king

    The narration by John Slattery is also excellent. The language in most portions of the novel is a bit harsh or slang especially when the main character is facing the mental trauma during the rejection period of his life in which everything all of the sudden ends for him after just a mere accident. The accident is perhaps symbolic that kills the old Edgar and gives birth to a new one who is more artistic than the original one.

    The act of bravery like in the novel Dream Catcher is also present in this novel as well where one act changes the whole life of the main character. Edgar feels the same isolation condition after his marriage end that the hero who is in Insomnia felt after the death of his wife. The isolated condition that takes us close to self-destruction. In the end, the story is different from most of King’s stories as it ends with positivity in Edgar’s life. It is like the birth of an artist.    

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    4 thoughts on “Duma Key: A Novel Audiobook”

    1. 10and16are in the wrong place. Big time spoilers before you even get close to that part.
      Like that.

    2. I cannot begin to express how much this site brings to my life. I’ve been diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia. I’m trying to reach some sort of recovery with the cfs and, unfortunately, that regimen calls for a maddening amount of rest. I’ve returned to books, a long lost love affair of mine, to pass the hours but on my bad days I’m too exhausted to watch TV let alone read. Fast forward a month to today. I picked up Duma Key yesterday and fell in love again. Today I wanted nothing more than to read the day away, but it’s one of the bad days. I searched my library hoping to see it in audio book, then YouTube, then Google with the hope it would be offered somewhere and that’s how I found your website. I just spent the last two hours lying on the couch, listening and even cracking up so hard at one spot I was wheezing.

      Thank you for this. Again, I can’t come close to describing how much this audio book means to me and my sanity


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