Through the Eyes of Death Audiobook

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Through the Eyes of Death

The novel is another one of the murder mysteries. L.C Wright has described very beautifully the traditions or thinking of the current era in which people are of the view that they can save themselves if they possess the power of the purse, with the money in the bag you are free to commit any sort of crime whatever it does not matter at all.

The story is about a retired cop who does not want action in his future life. He wants the life of a common man who spends his day performing some household chores and after that wasting the rest of the day by sitting idle thinking nothing, just enjoying the leisure time. Ben Simeon the hero in the novel is not a hero because he always wanted to be like one. He is always ready for duty because his leisure time is now a dream for him after the death of his family and thus he has nothing to rely upon except his job to kill the time of his life.

The writer has very nicely brought the true reason behind heroism in the story. Nobody wants to be the hero who gives all his time to mankind if somebody is doing it than he is left with nothing interesting in his life. The sound of Marlin May remains stressed and energetic at the same time throughout the story which depicts the seriousness of the nature of Simeon in his job after the death of his wife and child. Working for the police is the only thing he is left with thus it is not his passion and never was it is just a duty that he will continue until his death. Simeon is more of a robot rather than a hero who wants to save the day for his fame in the public.

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