The Fantastic and Terrible Fame of Classroom 13 Audiobook

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As the title shows it is all about becoming famous but along with the realistic understanding of the darker side of becoming famous. The fantastic and terrible fame of classroom 13 is beautifully written by the Author Honest Lee and Mathew Gilbert who really want to tell the readers that becoming famous should not always be a good idea because it takes a lot if you are not going on the right path and in the right way.

There could be many things going wrong when you try becoming famous and follow your selfish thoughts without considering the thing that is required actually.

In this story, the characters are built quite significantly in a very impressively clear way so that the listeners would be interested and get indulged into the story and know the real meaning behind the story itself.

The story starts when a famous agent Lucy attracts the students in classroom 13 offering them an opportunity in which she will make all of them famous for something special they would love to be.

The offer turns out to be so attractive that everyone gets into it and after that they start knowing that the ‘so sweet offer’ was actually a ‘too selfish’ offer and at the back of the offer, it was the selfish intention to grab the money from all of the students who get into the trap. They start knowing that becoming famous is not a fun thing and they will see unexpected consequences and events they would never believe to be on their way to the ‘fame’ thing.

Caitlin Kelly has narrated the story in a very sweet and compelling voice that assure the listeners would never be able to leave out listening to the story until its end. Another engaging thing in the story is that the listeners are asked to tell the author about the thing the listeners would like to be famous about and what are their ideas for that.  You may also enjoy listening to The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 and The Disastrous Magical Wishes of Classroom 13 if you want more stories like this one.


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