Fletch series (reseeded)

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Fletch series is a tremendous series of novels having the best touches of humor for the adults looking for the mystery, thrill, and humor in one go. All these novels in the series have something special to offer to the listeners who are looking for some different experience and need to get indulged into the stories with some feelings, thrilling events, the characters that actually seem involved in all the novels and stories included in this series.

The author Gregory McDonald has emphasized the characters in a way that the readers and listeners of the novel can easily and uniquely understand each and every character in a very clear way and that makes the story flows smoothly in each part of the novel series.

In addition to the strong characters by the author, the story plot also has been created in a very interesting way no matter which of the part you are listening to, you will enjoy them all. Further, the narration is done by Grover Gardner also adds to the impactful stories that are shared in the series that keep the listeners going through the novel in a smooth, and thrilling way that is irresistible.

Fletch and the Widow Bradley, Fletch Won, Fletch, and the Man Who, Fletch and the Widow Bradley, Fletch’s Moxie, Fletch Too, Fletch Reflected and  Son of Fletch are some of the most interesting and popular parts of the series that have impacted many minds during the era.

The stories shared in these novels are strong enough to present the actual meaning behind the characters and the happenings in the storyline. It is a great thing if you could have time to listen to the novels that are included in the series and if you also need to listen to more books like these, you may find The Ghost – Robert Harris and Mikhail and Margarita: A Novel – Julie Lekstrom Himes as some more interesting novels you may love to listen to.

01. Fletch



02. Confess, Fletch



03. Fletch’s Fortune



04. Fletch and the Widow Bradley



05. Fletch’s Moxie



06. Fletch and the Man Who



07. Carioca Fletch



08. Fletch Won



09. Fletch, Too



10. Son of Fletch



11. Fletch Reflected



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