Foreign Influence

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    A new spy agency has just been formed, while being buried right within the Department of Defense’s black ops budget. It was formulated to report only to a highly secretive panel of the bigwig within the military insiders. Their primary job was to target all the internal and external enemies of America. Their charter revolves around three basic words. “FIND”, “FIX” and “FINISH”.

    Scot Harvath is just been back from his first international assignment. He was in Rome after a bomb blast killed several students from an American college. All the evidence from the incident refers to an ex-colleague of Harvath and there were speculations about more attacks at an unimaginable scale.

    Foreign Influence

    Harvath has his task cut out to find the man in hiding and shoot him at sight. But, what if he finds the wrong man?

    On the other side, a fine young lady is struck hard in Chicago hit and run case. It was a taxi that hit her. There were two intoxicated witnesses to the incident and the city has as many as 5000 cabs. Chicago Police gave up on their investigation before it even started actually. But, an attorney from the family of the lady investigated on his own and found shocking connections with the Rome bombing and also about the plans of the perpetrator in America. Harvath has a much bigger task in hand now.

    This mystery thriller is a product of Brad Thor’s creative imagination. Armand Schultz has done its narration. If you want to search more books from Brad Thor as in a mystery thriller genre range, then do check out the phenomenal audiobooks titled as: The Lines of Lucerne and Near Dark.

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