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The story takes us back to the times of gothic novels which had everything in them like love, the craze of science, and new inventions. The story moves on several levels and on different plots as well. There is irony as well when Victor’s creation destroys all which he cannot create and bring back to life. The thing that he brought to life became so out of control that he failed in killing it every time he tried. The fight between the victor and the monster he created is excellently described.

The fight not only evolves as an epic battle but also as a tragedy in which the creator has to destroy his masterpiece not only because it becomes out of control but also because of the fact that it destroyed the rest of the things that Victor called his life. There are the rage and the feeling of remorse as well throughout the story which is given extra length by Mary Shelley in order to give the tragedy a better presentation.

The story also has a symbolic meaning as well in most of the situations the monster that is created by Frankenstein resembles the human race and we can assume that Frankenstein is the one with godly touch who has to put an end to the whole madness of this devil that he has created and is a constant source of the trouble of the rest. The madness of science and its evil use is also the highlight of the whole novel where the obsession with science maddens the people and forces them to commit mistakes. The narration of Dan Stevens is an extra garnishing to this powerful emotional story that touches our hearts and grips our souls for a long time.

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