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Karen McQuestion does not select strange topics still the author has the habit of writing about those topics in a unique way. 214 Palmer Street : A completely gripping psychological thriller packed with suspense and Hello Love was completely mind blowing for those who were listening to Karen’s work for the first time perhaps. For those who have been old fans, these books are more like jewels that sparkle and shine in different ways. Without any kind of trouble, Kate Rudd has narrated the novel in the old classic style that she possesses.

Emma, the seventeen year old girl was losing her boyfriend because he was on the brink of death. Still, she was the only one who was also with the hope that Lucas can survive anything. The family members of the boy thought that they would be hearing the sad news very soon but they were proved wrong when Lucas again stood back on his feet as a healthy person.

Though everyone was happy because of the return of the boy who had almost lost everything, Emma was feeling a little suspicious. She thought that Lucas has changed somehow and he was not the same person anymore. As she started looking for the reason, she found something strange in the fields.

The government officials claim that the thing belongs to them but Emma and Lucas decide to keep it for themselves. It was something that could materialize all their dreams within seconds. However, there was the other side of the picture as well i.e if it goes into the wrong hands then it might change the shape of the entire world.

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