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The superb series needs a superb start and Elly Blake has given it something like that. Jennifer English is a good narrator as compared to many others belonging to the same profession. The story opens when the author introduces two different races. One is the Fireblood and the other is Frostblood.

Fire and ice have been at war since the beginning of time and it is forbidden for both races to establish any kind of relationship with the opposite kind. Ruby i.e a Fireblood by birth was living in the wrong place with her mother.

Both ladies were living in the area that was governed by the Frost King. One day the Frostblood soldiers found their true identity and their home was invaded by the soldiers. Ruby’s mother was killed on the spot but she was able to escape somehow.

Her mother was the only relation that Ruby had in her life so she decided to take revenge on the Frost King. While moving towards the castle of the king, Ruby met Arcus who happens to be a Frostblood as well. Arcus was a rebel and he too wanted to take down the Frost King so they allied because their motive was the same.

Ruby knew that the relationship was forbidden and there was a chance that Arcus might deceive her but she was left with no other option in this big fight that she had started.   Nightblood and Fireblood are the other two parts which will clarify different aspects of the story which are not unveiled in this portion. One thing is clear i.e the big war is going to take place sooner or later.

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