Frozen Solid

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James Tabor is a dynamic writer when it comes to producing the best novels. Mystery thrillers is his go to genre in literary writing. Suspense is always a special thing in his novels that audience just loves about him. The Deep Zone and Blind Descent are top quality novels from the author. You must check them in their audio formats for best entertainment.

After the notable success of his debut novel, this one, Frozen Solid is another gripping story that followed right after. This is the 2nd chapter of the Hallie Leland novel series. The narration of this book is given by Paul Michael and the performance was commendable.

The Amundsen Scott Research Station of South Pole is just like a base post on Mars. The winter temperature here averages 10 degrees below the freezing point. For eight months in a year, the station is covered in complete darkness. Under the immense stress, body suffers, panic and hostility prevails.

When a scientist of the South Pole dies under mysterious circumstances, Hallie rush to the spot to perform critical research. Before she could even begin, as many as 3 more women died inexplicably. Just as the failing communications and the extreme temperatures bifurcates the station from the other world, terror increases. In between all this, Hallie should find out about the mysterious death of her predecessor.

In Washington, director of the best secret agency, Don Barnard detects some extremely disturbing and troubling signs. Those were about the mysterious conduct of the South Pole.

This beautiful mystery novel comes to a heart-pounding conclusion. The novelist beautifully settled the suspense in the end, which audience would definitely cherish.

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