Game of Bones

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Carolyn Haines is a journalist turned author, who made a big name for herself in the literary writing world. As a journalist, she specialized in the crime mystery investigation and that helped her in becoming one of the finest mystery writers of her time. She won quite a few accolades in the form of awards and rewards with the appreciation of all her followers and critics. Charmed Bones and Them Bones are two of her outstanding novels, which you would love in their audio format.

The Game of Bones is a modern detective mystery thriller. The chapter is part 20 of the Sarah Booth Delaney novel series. The narration of this chapter is done by Carolyn Haines and that was a good attempt by the narrator.

This novel, the Game of Bones features a Sarah Booth Delaney, who us a spunky southern private investigator.

Dr. Frank Hafner, an archaeologist is having his task cutout to excavate a newly found Native American temple site somewhere in the region of Mississippi Delta. He is a very handsome and charming person and due to these personality traits, he is a bit flirtatious too. Strangely, it was also the very first quality that got him into trouble. Trouble started when he found the ritualistic murder of one of the crew members from his archeological team.

When the Sherriff and the boyfriend of Sarah Booth, Coleman Peters takes Dr. Hafner for questioning related to murder then the accused hired Sarah in order to have his name cleared. Sarah Booth in quick time was able to uncover a good number of other suspects, but she was still not able to narrow down the list quickly enough in order to help out Dr. Hafner.





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