Goddess’s Choice


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    Goddess’s Choice is a romance fantasy novel. The book is part of The Children of the Gods Paranormal Romance Series. It is written by I. T. Lucas. This one is an introductory novel of the series and provides a good and exciting insight into what the real one is all about. The author has written a range of other quality novels for a young adult audience and they are definitely worth your time. A couple of top novels written by the author are Dark Stranger: The Dream and Dark Choices: The Accord.

    Charles Lawrence narrated this novel and the performance was quite good. He was fine with his neutral accent and the ability to portray the true essence of the characters.

    Goddess’s Choice

    Age is just a meaningless thing to a goddess but after all these years and what Annani has witnessed, the first kiss ignited the fire at a very young age of 17. The sensation still uses t burn quite hot in her heart. After all, that kiss was the most important kiss ever which had the potential to impact gods, humans, immortals in the ever-changing course of history.

    The young Annani is quite determined for finding a definite way out from the political union of the prearranged type that could put god Mortdh on the throne one day. It was a thing promised to the god Mortdh who was very power-hungry. The handsome young god Mortdh was a better choice even when Khiann was another choice who was the son of a merchant and not being a part of the leading circle.

    The book is excellent and the characters are quite enjoyable. A great opening to the main series, which will push you to go further with the main chapters of the series.

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