Equal Rites


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    Full of magic and interesting imaginative details the book reaches its third part and here there is another magician in the making. Discworld has a trend of transferring powers to the new or next generation.

    Every great magician transfers his powers to the next generation before dying and this time Drum Billet has to choose someone before his death. Eighth son of the eighth son gets chosen as a natural pick, after transferring powers the magician dies but there is left a small error in the power transfer.

    Equal Rites

    Drum Billet never investigated about the gender of the new born and now everyone comes to know that it’s not a son rather it’s a daughter. Girl has the powers now and the wizard world has to add her in the team. Before the entrance of this girl magic was supposed to be a male profession only and now the female gets the equal rights. Among the wizards there is one or two that suspect that all of this is done intentionally but they have no proof regarding this thing.

    Equal Rites

    Terry Prachett introduces a powerful female character first time in this series, The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic never talked about women domination. Narrator is also changed for this part; Celia Imrie is the new pick because her voice suits to the new emerging female wizard or in simple words a witch.

    Season of the witches has entered the Discworld and things are going to be very interesting in the days to come. Get yourself ready for more competition between the male and female members of the Discworld in the future.

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