The Colour of Magic

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Discworld just like the human world in appearance but has a lot of differences when seen closely by a critic. First difference that we see is that it exists on the back of a giant turtle which is odd according to all standards of astrology. But this is a parallel world everything goes in such a situation. Since the beginning of time this world has been in the same way and nothing happens in this calm atmosphere. Time does not remain the same even in the parallel world thus tragedy hit the world in a big way. Problem that starts from a trivial thing goes bigger and bigger and finally reaches the level where the whole world gets threatened by it.

Threat becomes a problem for the world but the bigger issue is that their savior is a clumsy wizard on whom they just cannot trust. He is lazy, sluggish and moreover he lacks the talent to save the whole world with his magical techniques. Future looks dark for all the inhabitants of the Discworld and all they hope for his a chance to get out of this nightmare.

Terry Prachett an author of wonders brings to us his most unique creation through the help of this book. Ideas about the world really appeal fans of all ages, there is magic along with the concept of a parallel world that exists in the oddest of ways. Guards! Guards! and Going Postal were also seen following the same design but those two were not an amalgam of all the stuff like space journey and magic.

Nigel Planer was thought to be less perfect for this book by many fans but the narrator has outdone himself here. Not even the critics have been able point out any error in the performance.

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