Gone Tomorrow

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Jack Reacher gets another tortured soul to deal with in the shape of Susan Mark. The woman has an awful past and all she desires now is a safe passage for her instead she gets Jack Reacher as her partner. Four other officers are also on the train with them and Jack wants Susan to tell him all about her past. On her past depends the fate of many other women like her thus she could prove as a key that can put an end to all of the madness that has been going on for years.

Reacher soon realizes one more thing that makes the mission quite critical for him i.e his own life seems to be under a great threat. Most of the people present around Reacher this time are just pretending to be his friends but actually, they are taking him closer to his grave. Such a situation forces him to trust Susan Mark more than other people around and there is a constant threat that Reacher would not have another way if Susan proves to be lying as well.

Secrets are buried under each stone this time and the mazy motion of the story leaves Die Trying and Tripwire far behind in class. Lee Child has been gifted with a touch that can grip the mind with lightning speed. Things happen so quickly in Lee’s works that it is hard to get hold of everything most of the time. Dick Hill also does not try to tame the story through narration rather he lets his feelings flow through his voice thus making the story more sparkling.




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