Good Girl, Bad Blood

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Just like in the first part, there is a large number of narrators who have taken part in the narration of this book. The name of the narrators is MacLeod Andrews, Cary Hite, Amy Landon, Shezi Sardar, and Maggi Meg Reed. Though none of the names were there in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder the work has been of the same quality. The series is with luck that it has found good narrators in all three parts.

Holly Jackson’s work is not easy to narrate because the secrets are really hidden in the multi-layered story all the time. Pip solved the case of Sal Singh and Andie Bell, six years ago and now she thinks that her days as a detective are over. She does not want to investigate more cases now because she wants to live a relaxed life.

However, on this occasion, it is Jamie who goes missing on the same night when people of the town were hosting a memorial for Andie and Sal. It could have been a coincidence but Pip thinks that there is more to the case than all that catches the eye. The police are again found clueless and something has to be done by someone.

Pip decides to come out of her shackles one more time so that she can help a poor victim once again. Getting the case in her hands means bringing more trouble to her life but Pip cannot just allow a criminal to get away. This story will charge the listener to listen to As Good as Dead directly after this one. These stories always end in a strong way so the fans can keep the same kind of expectations from the third part.

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    A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

    The End of All Things


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