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Alex hunter comes to America this time as a sole wanderer killing slaughtering whenever and whoever, he pleases.

Of course, each and every one he slaughters is a criminal. But this time he takes the law in his own hands and becomes a bit rogue in this fifth part by Greig Beck.

In the meanwhile, an ancient evil force awakes by mistake that terrorizes whole of Istanbul. It turns everything to the stone that comes in its way and there is no force on earth that could stop it. And the American forces are left with one solution i.e call the band and the captain back to the job.

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Alex Hunter once again seeing the people in trouble joins the team once again. Though he never had the intentions to join the club once again. We see him facing difficulty in adjusting back with his commanders and colleagues.

This, however, is not the only difficulty that he faces as he confronts Borhov the beast who too wants revenge of his own and is going to come in the way of Alex and his band.

The war goes to the height that we have not seen in the previous parts like Beneath the Dark Ice and Dark Rising as this one is like the war of the worlds. The plot like always is a strong one and there is no weakness left in any part of the story.

The action is in plenty and is taken to the next level as the team fights with the ancient creatures. Sean Mangan’s narration continues to impress us as the narration goes on to become better and better.

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