Vengeful Spirit


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    All know that Horus was never like this from the beginning but then something within him went dark or he came to know about his fate as a dark lord. Once praised high for his deeds, Horus now stands as an enemy to the land and because of his ill doings his own race suffers death and destruction. It was Horus’ treachery that once divided the whole universe into two parts which cannot come together now after all they have been through over decades. One note worthy thing is that Horus is still not ashamed of his ill doings rather he is on a mission to accomplish something.

    For many in the universe including his own brothers Horus is like the one who has gone rogue and in his ill temper he just attacks one planet and then the other. However that does not appear to be the case here when he attacks House Devine even when he is fully aware of their strength.

    Vengeful Spirit

    Graham McNeil presents Horus as a man who is on a quest to find something quite important that he does not want to share with anyone. Graham at first wrote Angel Exterminatus and now after many years the author has started not from where he left but he brings a lot of the old enthusiasm back to the stage.

    With him the old narrator Gareth Armstrong is also back in business and the two bring back many old memories of the previous parts of the series. Novel defines a lot about Horus mission or the thing he is fated to achieve but still it does not portray him as a positive character.

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