Beneath the Dark Ice

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After the success of the books like Primordia and Primordia II Greig Beck starts this new series about a man named Alex Hunter with mysterious power. The man is always with a zeal to survive and a passion to live. The character is strong and so is the story right from the beginning. We listen about a plane crash into the Antarctic. That opens the face of a big cave that has been buried under the face of the earth for centuries perhaps.

Captain Alex Hunter goes to the place with his squad not only for the rescue of the passengers of the plane but also because there is a hint of an energy source beneath the ice.

Of which everyone wants to know and it can cause a catastrophe if gone into the enemy hands. Thus Alex is with two jobs i.e bring out the survivors alive and at the same time secure the source if it really is a source and nothing else.

As the crew reaches the cave along with a Petro biologist Aimee Weir they find nothing related to the passenger of the plane. And the surroundings hint the existence of an old civilization which does not prove to be a good sign for Alex and his crew as they start to decrease in number one after the other. Alex blessed with mysterious powers has only one mission in mind, to save his crew rather than searching for the lost passengers any more that have turned into haunting souls up till now. Sean Mangan’s narration blends nicely with the tale though we feel a bit low intensity in the voice in the intense scenes still it moves well till the end.

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