Grace Under Fire


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In a lot of cases, writers find it difficult to keep the plot flowing until the very end. But not Franklin Hortons. This time again, he has delivered yet another all-round thriller that keeps you on the edge until the last few words in the book.

Grace Under Fire is all about survival. It provides insight into the sufferings and pains young girls went through within the lowest levels of humanity.

Grace Hardwick passed through a rigorous upbringing that the father unknowingly put her through to get her prepared for what was to come. But not even Grace was prepared for what came up when the society fell apart. The cruelty, brutality, and random violence that greeted the populace was something unbearable.

“Grace Under Fire” is the sequel to the Locker Nine series by Franklin Horton. It follows the same plot in an intriguing sequence.

The society became one laden with violence and inhumane treatment. Grace and her dad have to tread carefully with the desperate and starving populace if they are to stand a chance of survival.

Grace Under Fire

After uniting with her father in the last book, one would think she has finally overcome her turbulent adventure and trials. But there was something more in stock for both her and the dad. She thought the remainder of her life would be more peaceful and uneventful. But she was wrong by a country mile.

The author captured the plot and events in this new series in a thrilling and awe-inspiring manner. From the start of the book to the last page, everything seems interconnected until the very end. It’s the type of book a thriller lover wouldn’t want to drop until they have seen the end of the story. It’s certainly an engaging and entertaining book.


Locker Nine

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