Halo: New Blood

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    Spartans under the leadership of their mighty chief finally remained successful in getting rid of the enemy that brought evil of war to the land. The enemy was so powerful that no one in the galaxy was able to stand against its assault alone. Spartans though were a group of super soldiers but they were surely outnumbered when the landed on the battlefield. Getting aid of another party was a wise decision that they made in this regard. ODST with Edward Buck as their leader came to help the Spartans right in time otherwise the result of the war would be quite opposite to the current scenario.

    Covenant is now gone and the threat is over but it does not mean that any such invasion would not occur in the future. With Spartans disbanded and their chief in the MIA the world needs someone to take care of the outer space activities. UNSC always had an eye of the Troopers so hiring them seems to be the right idea in the circumstances when there is no other option for them.

    Halo: New Blood

    Buck was thinking of retiring but then this offer ignited the passion within him once again. Matt Forbeck shifts the series from the Spartans to the ODTS, we can expect that HALO: Bad Blood and Halo: Legacy of Onyx  will also move on the same line of action. Scott Brick narrates the series second time and his voice suits the sensation and action scenes very well. There is a chance that the narrator might go one with the series for a very long time or at least with this section.



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