Harley Merlin 4-First Ritual



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    This novel starts with the same excitement and enthusiasm where the author Bella Forrest finished in the prior novel of the Harley Merlin Series. This specific chapter is quite romantic and you would love the storyline with all the characters making it much livelier than the other chapters in the saga. Amanda Ronconi is given the job for the narration of this novel and she has done full justice to her role with her great tonal quality and expressive voice.

    As little as 5 rituals are required only to control Chaos. This is all that it takes.

    Now, Harley merlin is well aware about the grand scheme of her enemy. The plan was to become a Child of Chaos and subsequently punish all those who are “unworthy”. Harley merlin has got her task to find out that what she could do about all this mess. A lot of the missing magical kids are still out here. Katherine has now sworn to kill everyone about whom Harley merlin cares about.

    Harley Merlin 4-First Ritual

    Just when it looked that the things are at it worse and couldn’t get any worse than that, a notable monster of the Bestiary managed to escape. Harley merlin was quite sure that Katherine is involved in all this. It was time for that crazy witch to be ready for the consequence as Harley Merlin has finally found a solution to unleash all her powers.

    Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven and Harley Merlin 9: Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact novels created great vibes all across the literary book lovers. It is all because of the intriguing storyline where every novel is better than the other within the Harley Merlin Series.

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