The Serpent of Venice


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    Book two in the fool’s edition came quickly after the first because it was easy for Christopher Moore to write more such things after the first success. Fool was a retold character in the first part of the series and the man was wiser than his outlook.  Now again some more characters from Shakespeare are borrowed but not the story.

    Pocket central character faces treachery from all sides and though his dressing or appearance is of a fool but he is no fool at all. Narrated once again by Euan Morton the tale is engaging from the start of the story. Shylock, Iago and Othello appear on the scene and conspire against Pocket. Here Shylock and Iago were the right choices because they were villains in the originals but Othello’s addition is unique.

    The Serpent of Venice

    Othello the tragic hero is among the villains and there is a chance the Christopher regarded him a villain in his own dictionary. The Pocket gets an invitation from this group and the Fool of the story happens to be the wise one, thus he knows in advance what these three men are up to. Surety about himself proves to be the strength of Pocket; he is clear like always about his abilities.

    Not afraid to take the risk he goes on to the invitation spot and the plan of the villains is bigger that his own imagination. He has been a constant pain for them so they have made a fool proof plan to get rid of the man forever. Superb planning and superb counter attacks by the hero changes the last few chapters into a war scene.


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