Heir of Fire

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The “Throne of Glass” of series continues in a nice pattern as each part proves to be the next step towards realization for Celaena. She has been desperate about her true identity all her life and still even at the end of the second part she was right where she started. The more confusion that comes to her life the more frustrated she becomes and thus killing her enemies more brutally at every confrontation.

Though she goes higher and higher in rank but the poor soul is heartbroken as she fails to find the true soul mate. Deceived at every step she decides to finally dig the grave of her past. For this she is forced to go to a new land that might have something related to her true origin, as the inner demons start to tease her more the demons of the outside world are approaching close.

Surrounded by enemies from all side as they want her for their own investigation and hidden agendas she is ready for a last attempt to solve the riddle of her life.

Sarah J. Maas never portrayed Celaena so desperate a character in Crown of Midnight perhaps she was not heartbroken this time. It is a nice evolving personality that we confront at the mid of the trilogy and Elizabeth Evans’ voice like always moves well with everything. We have come to the third part but the story seems to be starting in full gear which means that there are more battles to come in the long run, both external and internal. Good thing about the main character is that she is not the running away time she possesses the courage to confront anything that comes in her course.


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