Heir to Sevenwaters

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Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters series is getting loaded with one heroic character and then another, all of the characters that we have seen before were outclass. There exists a girl in every episode who does not possess superhuman strength but has the zeal to change the outcome of different happenings. Written fate in prophecies gets challenged from time to time, it’s amazing to notice that little girls can attain so much when it comes to their survival. Chieftains are not letting their hold off the world in which they live, surely they deserve it too as they have served the world of magic well over the centuries.

The new heir to the throne is born in the clan of the Sevenwaters which is a clear indication from the gods that the family will continue to rule. Tragedy comes very quickly to the family when the newborn heir is kidnapped by the evil forces and what they leave for the family in exchange is just a hideous thing. Nothing can be done after this but Clodagh thinks that she has a way. Here the young sister of the little prince resembles the girls that we heard about in Daughter of the Forest and  Son of the Shadows.

She shows readiness to put herself in danger to save her brother and the future of the land. Otherworld that is ruled by a cruel prince is of course not a safe place for a girl but she just cannot stop herself. Rosalyn Landor does not use an aggressive style of narration in the first two or three chapters but when the price is gone there is aggression and a desire to fight.

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