The Sparrow


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    The wonder game known as Eden’s gate decorated Gunner’s life because of which he is not ready to leave this dreamland. Losing it is like losing everything he has dreamed of over the years. In Eden’s Gate: The Reborn he was trying to communicate with the outside world to convey the message i.e he and his fellows are doing fine and there is no need to shut down. Efforts didn’t bore fruit for him but the man didn’t lose hope he instead of returning marches on.

    The Sparrow

    Leaving the past was not easy for him; in that past, he existed here he is just virtual. But Gunnar stays and decides to form a guild to start a new life on Edgewood. The idea is great for those who follow him except the dark elves who are already living in Edgewood and not in the mood to share the place. The ideal world does not remain ideal anymore when enmity starts to light up fights and duels among the groups. Gunnar just cannot go back as he has shut the doors to his past and this time he is going towards the danger with full enthusiasm. He needs to find Rachel as well for which he has to wait till Eden’s Gate: The Sands perhaps.

    Pavi Proczko’s narration is good but it would be tested in those parts where women characters would increase in number and sentiments rise more than average. Edward Brody has talked about several creatures in the same episode which makes one tired at times after listening about all at once. It would be better if the author provides detail about each creature slowly.

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    Eden’s Gate: The Reborn

    The Sands


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