Hidden Scars

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Jamie is dead and his body was found hanging from a tree which makes the police department think that he has committed suicide. This dead body brings Detective Kim Stone to the case who has not been able to bring back her true self to the job since the end of her last mission which didn’t end well at all for her.

She comes closer to the dead body of the boy and finds nothing which would prove that the boy was involved in some kind of struggle or anything else. The behavior of the boy’s parents is the next thing that alarms Kim Stone because the mother is not crying at the loss and she tries to keep herself quiet so that she does not pour out too many details.

This makes Kim suspicious and she tries to investigate the case further, she is told by the friends of the boy that he was perfectly normal and happy in his life. Then suddenly another piece of news comes to Kim’s ears which shocks her to the core. The detective is told that Jamie was injured because of a mishap and he wasn’t able to climb up a tree. Kim thinks that it was a clear sign that the boy has been murdered.

Angela Marsons, the author of this series has presented Kim in a broken condition and this serious case allows Kim to bring back her old confidence. Jan Cramer narrates how aggressively Kim starts investigating the case once she gets the lead. She is told by Jamie’s parents that he was facing several issues which needed a cure and for this, they sent him to the clinic which happens to be specialized in the thing.

Kim tries to talk to the other patients of the clinic but none of them wants to talk about it. Then another patient from the clinic dies because of suffocation and Kim is sure that there is a killer out there who is killing the patients as quickly as possible. Blood Lines and Silent Scream will scare the listeners as well, these are the books which are designed especially for the adults who are not scared of the dark.

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