Home Invasion

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 Home Invasion builds up on the miseries of Morgan Carter and has families, which they have been facing right from chapter 1 of the opening novel of The Survivalist Series. This novel the Home Invasion is the 8th book in the mentioned series.

A. American, the author of this novel and the series is very critical about the projection of his characters with precision. He surely has done full justice to it and got the momentum going. The narration like before is done once again by Duke Fontaine in his soulful voice.

Morgan Carter along with his extended family is quite optimistic as he could now see light at the very end of the tunnel. Though, it might be a bit too far at dim at the moment. The promise of power was shaping up into reality. The repair work of the electric power grid plant was in progress and it was highly likely to be running once again.

But, that required a lot of hard work to be done, and the reward for this was worthy of all the investment it required. The community involvement was exceptional and the farm growth was also excellent. People were finally realizing the importance of team work and the need of the hour to work together towards the attainment of common goal. The nature so far was on their side with all the luck, but that was also due to change in a quick time with some new threats to deal with.

Conflicted Home and Home Coming are other two novels, which will give you goose bumps with its storyline, love for the home and family and the finally its epic characterization.




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    Enforcing Home

    Conflicted Home


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