Hope Street Church (Books 1-5)


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    Another tale related to the Bible surely purifies us when we read about Cooper lee a girl with nothing important in life finally joins the Hope Street and finds something associated to religion which touches her heart string and she starts spending more and more time in the study of the Bible.

    Cooper really starts her work when she comes face to face with a murder and that of the woman who was near and dear to her, it was Brook Hughes the murdered woman who first brought her to the Hope Street. The suspect is her husband but no one believes that as he is an elder at Hope Street but Cooper with the study of murder chapter in Bible prepares to fight the case. She goes for the clues and this time she is not ready to lose hope and go on the back foot once again in life.

    Hope Street Church (Books 1-5)

    Ellery Adams has tried to prove his point and has become successful as well by showing that religion can guide you in all aspects and also there is always a ray of hope if you are connected to religion. The second book also has a murder mystery which Cooper once again solves showing that she would never let a bad deed go unpunished. The last one in trilogy is again a murder mystery but this time Cooper in her heart is less sure of things around her as she is in love again and is unable to decide between duty call and attraction of physical pleasures.

    A wonderful series about the physical and the spiritual pleasures is narrated nicely by Cris Dukehart. White Fang (1906) – Jack London, Killing Mr. Griffin – Lois Duncan and Cat in the Stacks ~ Books 1-9 – Miranda James are some of the other books that have captured the attention of most of the readers and you may also like to listen to them as well.

    1.The Path of the Crooked

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    2.The Way of the Wicked

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    3.The Graves of the Guilty

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    4.The Root of All Evil

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    5.Fate of the Fallen

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