Human Origins

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Human Origins: 7 Million Years and Counting

Human origin is a topic that is under discussion for centuries. The time when we humans got our rationality, the first question that arouses in our minds was the question related to our origin as to where we came from. What were the steps that led us to the current developed stage where we can read write, make inventions related to science and technology and also show our sense of attraction toward the field of arts? The book explains how from humble beginnings perhaps in the form of a unicellular organism we took birth on this planet and how we developed in shape and mind to take full control over other species and also the whole natural resources.

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The book highlights the aspect that how we humans who were perhaps like apes in the past developed or evolved and begin to understand the secrets of the universe. The new scientist series gives answers to these entire questions in an appropriate way. The narrator Mark Elstob’s narration is also up to the mark or we can say the style that was needed for such kind of a book. There is a complete description of certain biological tales as well as the Homo sapiens described as a strong species. The fast and amazing speed of evolution in the human race is also seen an evolution which we usually don’t see in other animals or living beings present on the face of the earth. The development of symbols and later the origination of different languages is the thing that was achieved very quickly by the human race. Thus the book tales our journey from a furry skin to a furry coat.   

For more such informative books you can listen to the The End of Money and How to Be Human that have plenty of informative content to let you know what you don’t.

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