Hungry as the Sea

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This is another interesting novel written by Wilbur Smith who has given the perfect stories for the novel lovers including A Sparrow Falls and When the Lion Feeds. Though all the novels and stories int hem is typically different the trill, excitement, mystery and the struggle-filled adventures will give you a feel like if you are a part of it and you will be seeing and feeling things in your imagination as the novel continues in the voice of the Narrator Ric Jerrom.

Ric has perfectly portrayed the characters, their lifestyle and the events happening in the storyline in a way that you will be indulged in it and will not be resiting till the end.

This thrilling novel includes the revenge, romance and the struggles of the main characters that will not let you get bored throughout the journey.

The story carries on in the deep Antarctic sea where there is nothing but ice leading to death. Nick will be trying to get to the helpless body that is drowning into the deep icy water and there is nothing but death leading their way towards the bottom of the cold sea.

This novel truly is a part of thrill-filled novels written by the author who knows how to capture the emotional imagination of the listeners who want to spend their time in an unusual world that is not actually bearable in real.

You will start with the characters were heading to the pathway where they will be able to confront their fears, struggles and everything they never thought about.

You will be experiencing the unusual, the unseen and the most revengeful events that will create massive uncertainty no matter what and you will not be able to predict the climax until you have listened it till the end of the novel.




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