Nova Terra: Titan and Greymane



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    Nova Terra: Titan and Greymane – The Titan Series, Books 1-2

    With his Nova Terra series, Seth Ring establishes himself as a rising talent in LitRPG fantasy. The first two installments, Titan and Greymane, deliver thrilling adventures in a VR gaming world. The premise of people trapped in a real-as-life MMORPG presents endless possibilities that Ring explores with skill and imagination.

    In Titan, protagonist Gustav enters the immersive game Nova Terra and selects the berserker class Titan. His exploits make for cinematic battles as he charges into the fray against terrifying foes. Greymane continues Gustav’s journey, now aided by a mysterious NPC companion Greymane. Their tank and heal dynamic fuels exciting dungeon raids.

    Ring constructs detailed mechanics around leveling up abilities and acquiring rare loot. Familiar RPG elements like crafting, factions and boss fights will delight gamers. He also crafts clever plot twists around the virtual/real world divide.

    Fans of LitRPG classics like Ready Player One and Ascend Online will relish Ring’s blend of realism and fantasy. The vivid characters and smart world-building provide an engrossing backdrop to the action-packed adventures. Those seeking more epic game-inspired tales should also check out the Chaos Seeds saga by Aleron Kong or the Viridian Gate Online series by James Hunter. With Nova Terra, Seth Ring establishes his own terrific gaming lit universe.

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