Nova Terra: Kingbreaker



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Nova Terra: Kingbreaker – The Titan Series, Book 3

Thorn stands atop Nova Terra’s fantasy world after defending Moon Wolf Citadel from the Ragnarok super guild. But his trials are far from over.

Jealous leaders in Northern Angoril’s capital soon target the young Titan. Thorn takes a cautious step back, besieged by complications. Ruling the swelling Wolfkin masses grows more difficult, not helped by Ragnarok’s relentless sabotage against his fledgling guild.

Nova Terra: Kingbreaker

Thorn must balance threats to Greymane Valley, aggression from the domineering super-guild, and rebuilding bonds with his reformed team. Failure risks his hard-won achievements crumbling.

Below Angoril, an ancient race awakens. The evil Stone King Courdum rises, gathering cursed kin to reforge his empire. The Stone Legion marches bent on destruction.

Thorn must step up as never before and summon new levels of leadership, or everything he’s built may collapse. The next chapter in Nova Terra will push him harder than ever amidst fresh foes and familiar trials.


Nova Terra: Titan and Greymane

Nova Terra: Guardian


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    1 thought on “Nova Terra: Kingbreaker”

    1. Well this is massively frustrating. The player & web page likes to stop or reload constantly & it normally wipes out the chapter I’m on & starts me back at the first chapter so I try to check which chapter I’m on so it’s easier for me to find my place again but with this 15 hr single chapter which normally I would love instead of constantly needing to get my phone, unlock it & turn the book back on after every single chapter or sense it won’t go to the next one & just replays the same one but shows its moved forward…but this book won’t let me skip forward at all. Each time I try it just goes back to the very beginning. There is no way I will be allowed to get more than a hour into the book before it crashes or my screen turns off, then right back to the beginning. I desperately want to hear the book & have really loved the series so far & am excited to experience the universe he is building but having to listen to the same parts over & over is more than I can take. If there is any way you can either fix that issue or break it up into 5 chapters I would greatly appreciate your effort. Thank you.


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