The Fiery Cross


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    You know, traveling is never easy for anyone who has a family. But it becomes even more challenging when your family is dispersed across centuries. There are a lot of challenges that sometimes break you into pieces. But if you love someone with all your heart, no one can stop you.

    The similar theme is followed up in this series of Outlander. In this series Diana Gabaldon has given the best of her imagination. The series is all around the outlander Claire who manages to travel in time. She gets to her daughter and then the love of her life through the powers of the special stone.

    The Fiery Cross


    The Fiery cross is book 5 in the series and is also narrated by Davina Porter. The narrator gives her best voice in the story as you can see how it immerses you into the story.

    Here Claire Randall is an outlander and she travels through time. She tries to find the lost ones and truth about the important things.

    Jamie the love of her life is her only source of passion. As they travel and live together they have a remarkably different life to cherish. Due to the immense differences in time, tensions are always around.

    The Fiery Cross

    As you know, in other books including Voyager and Drums of Autumn Claire has always been a fighter. She never gives up. She always goes for the goal no matter how much she struggles or has to sacrifice anything.

    Jamie knows the wholesome powers the Claire demonstrates but he is in doubt this time. As she declares they will see a war. Now they may believe if this war will lead them to the best of future or will tear them into pieces, everything is unclear except that there will be a war for sure.


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