A Breath of Snow and Ashes


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    There is no doubt that the best selling author Diana Gabaldon has earned a precious fanbase through this Outlander series. The series has won the hearts of the readers and listeners. The unique idea and storyline behind the whole series carry a lot of turning points in it.

    The romance between Jamie and Claire is not just an ordinary one. It is actually a force of attraction between a Scottish warrior Jamie and the time-traveling woman Claire. Claire being an outlander always has challenges in front of her.

    After the breathtaking books launched before, this book 6 brings in more exciting adventures. This uniquely connected couple will face the unexpected.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

    Just like in the Voyager you will see the courageous Claire fighting against the odds. The voice of Davina Porter adds a perfect effect to this wonderful story. Which lets you enjoy the emotions and feelings alongside the characters.

    The story creates a ripple of imagination and feelings among the listeners. This new book in this series is surely a turning point that leaves the readers astonished.

    The revolution is there and violence is up in the air. To save the clan of King George III, the governor urges Jamie to bring everything to peace.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

    Jamie knows the war is unavoidable. Claire has warned him about the situation already. And now there are a lot of things that re undecided but important to solve.

    Claire knows that independence will be there and all British well-wishers will either be exiled or killed. More disturbing than that, Claire finds a heartwrenching truth about Jamie. As she finds a newspaper clipping, Jamie will be dead as well. She is now in a complete dilemma and she has no way out from there.

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