I Am Legend

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Novel about vampires with only one man not only trying to survive but also trying to cure the apocalypse that has fallen on the human beings surely appeals the fiction lovers. Emotions really tear apart those with a weak heart and although it is just one man running for survival and no other person is there with whom he can establish a relation of any sort still we can feel something about him.

He is alone with a dog as companion hiding at night because the humans who have turned into vampires need his blood to quench their thirst. In the morning however things change and become the opposite of it because he starts hunting the vampires bringing them out of their hideouts. But this does not seem to be the cure at all because he cannot survive the deadly fangs forever nor can he kill all of the people single handedly. And even if he kills all of the men present on the mother earth what would be the end he faces.

No one can stop the human race from going extinct at any rate and by the look of it the end is not far away.

Richard Matheson in the voice of Robertson Dean portrays the earth in the form of hell for the only survivor who faces isolation and loneliness at its peak. Hell House can be a perfect match with this for the audience; the book has only one difference that it does not deal with such a big horizon. Words used, the writing style and the way the story is told all the things are perfect for a masterpiece.

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