Immortality’s Touchstone

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Mike’s team consists of the best that one can imagine as he has Bailey who is a werewolf and then Lana the one with hidden talents and above all Azile the witch with a potential. Still the team appears to be losing grip over the battlefield because the enemy seems to be coming in more and more bulk.

It looks like fighting against something that cannot be extinguished, the more you kill the more they appear on the scene. Many werewolves were slain in Lycan Fallout and Lycan Fallout 2: Fall of Man  but nothing gave a fruitful result. No one has found any cure for this curse and if battle is the only way through all this the heroes are shot in number. Mark Tufo has always tried to check the limits of the humans but in the current series the author is trying to test the limits and nerves of a vampire.

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This is all a bit comic in the sense that he has become sincere to his food i.e humans, but the series never ever provides us this comic side. The wars are sheer and the killing is raw. Though there are two women with Mike but the love scenes are non existence although the women are interested but the vampire has a bigger goal at hands. Humans too have come to join because after all it is their battle and they can’t just run away from all this.

Sean Runnette’s inexhaustible spirit has kept the series alive with the magical voice which makes one feel that the world really exists around us. It is a nice job that the narrator is performing and the fans can only wish that he ends the series in the same pattern. Member Benefit

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