In Dubious Battle

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In Dubious Battle is one of the finest fictional novels of all time. It has earned the status of a classic in English literature. The novel is beautifully written by John Steinbeck who is one of the finest writers of English fiction who we still know today. He was an American author and also a Noble Prize winner for literature in the year 1962. He also won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the fiction category. Of Mice and Men is his most incredible novel that literature lovers still rate right at the top of the best ones. Apart from this, The Grapes of Wrath is also a novel from the author that got an immense level of praise and appreciation in the past several decades.

The narration of this chapter is done by Tome Stechschulte. The performance by Tom was top class. He was constantly changing his voice for different characters and that was beautiful. He on his own made this novel so special and good to the ears, heart, and mind.

The Dubious Battle is a novel that was written in 1936 by John Steinbeck. The story and characters of this novel are set in the California Apple County. The story beautifully portrays a significant strike by a group of migrant workers. These were the people who transmute from principled insolence into blind extremism.

The novel could also be termed as a political thriller and you will love it for its plot and the inspiring characters.

The experience of In Dubious Battle audiobook listening is incredible. It is better than reading this book and certainly more desirable than watching its movie.

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